Why Enjoy Apartments?

Enjoy Apartments is an apartment rental agency with over 10 years experience, which is active in Europe and overseas. We will provide our guests of beautiful and neat apartments. Our apartments are all fully equipped and our guests won’t have any worries when they arrive on their destination. Beside the fact we offer apartments, we offer a lot more for our guests. We want them to feel like they are coming home in a different city! This we provide through add a personal touch for our guests. We are always ready to help our guests with any kind of questions.

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Why become an affiliate?

Why would you want to become an affiliate for Enjoy Apartments?
We will give you 4 reasons;
• Free
• Competitive commissions and monthly payments
• Different forms of integrating our products, from fully personalized to semi-automatic
- Own brand: personalized service taking into account your web
- Banners or links
Not enough reasons? Let me give you one last reason: There are no cons in becoming an affiliate for our fast growing Enjoy Apartments.

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The percentage of your commission is calculated on the total amount of our bookings. So we don’t give you commission on our commission, which let you earn more money!

We manage a 5% commission for all our affiliates. Which is also one of the highest commissions in this market.

Example booking:
Total amount booking 5% commission
€ 1.000,- € 50,-
€ 1.500,- € 75,-

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