Our COVID-19 measures and travel recommendations

In this page you will find how we are dealing with each of our stakeholders regarding the new Covid-19 restrictions locally and internationally. We always recommend you to check your local government’s official website to get the latest and most reliable information.

Our customers:

Throughout this pandemic, tourism and travel have been put on hold, for obvious safety reasons. In the meantime, we as a company are prepared to welcome you again and provide you with the safest accommodation possible for your trip. We do believe that traveling -either for work or leisure (or bleisure) is one of the nicest things to do and can be perfectly done in safe circumstances.

At EnjoyApartments we are certified and have:

  • verified safety measures in place at all our destinations underwritten by all property owners listing at EnjoyApartments
  • staff trained in Covid-19 prevention
  • flexible cancellation policies / free cancellation for Covid-19

Main Covid-19 prevention measures that apply in most destinations:

  • Keep 1,5 meter distance where possible.
  • Wear a covering face-mask at all times in public spaces (including shops, restaurants, malls, etc.)
  • Washing hands is important. Wherever offered, make use and when having visited a place, wash hands and wash them often
  • Cough and sneeze in the elbow If you develop any of the official symptoms mentioned by the W.H.O (who.org), report to the local authorities (ask EnjoyApartments for yours). Stay home and do not go out. -Avoid crowds and keep your circle of friends and family (“social bubble”) at a reduced number.
  • A negative PCR test is usually needed in most European countries when travelling. Please check with your local authorities if that applies to your trip.

Should you have any doubt about restrictions or measures at the destination you want to visit, do not hesitate to ask us, even though we always recommend you to check the restrictions in place locally.

INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: Through an exclusive agreement with the prestigious company International Medical Services, we guarantee 24-hour medical assistance with multilingual doctors in our apartments in Spain, and if necessary, ambulances and preferential assistance in our reference hospitals, by back-charge to the patient's international medical insurance. This service is not valid for clients of Spanish nationality who are already covered by the national Public Health network or their own private medical service in Spain.

Our apartments:

Our commitment to cleanliness: We take hygiene and cleanliness standards very seriously, and are implementing additional measures to ensure the safety of all our guests, employees and suppliers.

INTERNATIONAL CLEANING AND HYGIENE CERTIFICATION: We have been awarded the certified cleaning qualification, which stands for completion of a specific cleaning (covid-19) course by our staff in order to live up to the standards of the health and safety departments in the industry.
Moreover, we are more than happy to provide you with hydroalcoholic gel / solution and any other measure needed during check in and leave it at your disposal throughout your entire stay.

Our employees:

All our staff has received and continues to receive specific training on Safety and Hygiene Protocols, adapted to each workplace. The safety of our customers and workers is our top priority and for this reason we have extended the security distance between workstations, reinforcing hands’ hygiene and the use of masks. In addition, we have implemented a very thorough cleaning protocol in order to ensure maximum disinfection in our apartments.

Our Suppliers and property managers :

Our suppliers have completed a covid prevention course in which they have been requested to answer questions on all needed prevention measures, to check if all needed items are in place. All our suppliers and their drivers are protected with the corresponding PPEs. We do also ensure all vehicles and goods are disinfected after each shift. In this way, we can guarantee that they arrive on the next route in the best conditions.

cleaning certification covid-19

Should you have any doubt about restrictions or measures at the destination you want to visit, do not hesitate to ask us