The Green Project

Enjoy Apartments + One Tree Planted = More Oxygen

Enjoy Apartments partnered up with One Tree Planted to create an ambitious new project. Apart from selecting the best apartments for you and aiming for service excellence, Enjoy Apartments has now set the challenge of helping to create more breathable air. With your help, we will be creating Enjoy Apartments woods. For each online review, we will PLANT ONE TREE in forests around the world. Together we are making the world more liveable. This is our way of giving something back to mother nature.

One Tree Planted team members!


It is no secret that there are every time less green areas, trees and forests. Apart from human being contributing to a massive destruction of forests, also climate change provokes more natural disasters happening.

About One Tree Planted

We have made a partnership with One Tree Planted. This is the leading organization in this field. One Tree Planted held several projects around the globe. Among their projects you will find them planting trees at the east coast of the United States where a lot of forests have been destroyed by the fires of 2017.

If you want to participate and plant a tree yourself.

Go to and follow the steps.

New trees coming in!

If you want to help One Tree Planted outside our project, you can do a donation of 1$ for 1 tree! That sounds great right?

So after your next stay with us, make sure you’ll leave us an online feedback so you have planted a tree with us!

** Are you a company or an individual and you want to make a non ordinary donation, that is more than welcome of course. Just let us know by email, we will be happy to help.